Hi, I'm Paolo Salcido a San Francisco advertising and lifestyle photographer. As a portrait artist, I put heart in my images for my advertising or editorial clients and I make my images iconic at least and at most, forever memorable to collectors and the global commerce community .

Dad worked for the US Forest Dept. and I spent my summer days camping in the High Sierras, thus my desire & love for shooting lifestyle outdoors. After several years of shooting as a teenager, I realized my passion was the photographic arts, so I received my photography degree and that was the start of my career in creating photographic images.

My clients range from advertising,editorial, lifestyle, corporate and privately commissioned fine art & portraits. A short list of my clients include Exxon, Sylvania, Swensen's, GM,Ford,Nissan, Intel, Boston Globe/New York Times, MIT,Hewlett Packard, Stanford University, Westin Hotels, Case Foundation, Family Circle and Zenni Fashion eyewear.

My philosophy:

  • * I believe you have a "Voice" and my images' purpose is to "stand out from the noise".
  • * I believe the images I create for you should have heart.
  • * I will make it right.
  • * I believe sometimes images should have humor.
  • * I enjoy the people I work and spend time with.
  • * I have a servant's heart for my clients and I strive for excellance. Therefore, I will go to the ends of the earth for your project images 110% . (Yes, I like to travel!)
  • * I believe we can have fun while at work, so I'm not stuffy.
  • * I work with integrity and an all consuming passion to provide "Stand alone" images and I can't imagine doing anything less.
  • These days of digital imaging, our team work is more important than ever in serving your clients and providing them with the highest quality productions that will be on time .
  • A few things I like:
  • * I love beauty in nature, in design and in the heart
  • * I like athletes and cars in motion
  • * I like simple abstract environments
  • * I like Arnold Newman, Richard Avedon, Mann Ray, the Westons, and many more...
  • *I 'd like breakfast to be 24/7 and enjoy good food.