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Moment of Truth - Finding Truth & Value In Fine Art Photographic Assets


Moment of Truth

.Hi, I'm Paolo Salcido and based in the San Francisco Bay Area as a fine art photographer. As an artist, I put heart in my images for myself and my clients. I make my images iconic at least and at most, forever memorable to collectors,galleries, museums and the global community . My clients find value in collecting photographic assets in fine art that will increase and hold their value in the future. I bring the old into the future.

My parents worked for the US Forest Department and in restaurants. I spent my summer days camping in the High Sierras of California, thus my desire & love for shooting life outdoors & in urban landscapes or indoors at cafes and restaurants are the backbone of love and labor in the United States and other parts of the world. The cafes and restaurants became my testing grounds in the food industry & led to experiences engaging with the immigrant communities who are the reason for the industry's success and my fascination of chefs preparing the food is an appreciation for hard work and skilled labor that will always and forever be deeply appreciated by all who enjoy food and their surroundings. After several years of shooting as a teenager, I then realized my passion was the photographic fine arts, so I received my photography degree and that was the start of my career in creating iconic and cinematic photographic images for collectors, asset investors and galleries.

My clients range from privately commissioned fine art photographs, abstracts, portraits and corporate fine art works. A short list of my clients include Exxon, GM, Ford, Nissan, Intel, Cadence Technology, Boston Globe/New York Times, MIT, Hewlett Packard, Charles Schwab family, Packard family, Stanford University, Westin Hotels, Case Foundation, Family Circle ,Zenni Fashion Eyewear amongst others and private collectors of fine art and assets.

My philosophy:

I believe, we as human beings are given gifts to use in serving one another in love for each other and foremost should be our first priority.

  • * I believe you have a "Voice" and my images' purpose is to "stand out from the noise and provide some truths and a voice with value".
  • * I believe the images I create for you should penetrate your heart.
  • * I will make it right.
  • * I believe sometimes images should have humor.
  • * I enjoy the people I work and spend time with.
  • * I have a servant's heart for my clients and I strive for excellence. Therefore, I will go to the ends of the earth for your project images 110% . (Yes, I like to travel!)
  • * I believe we can have fun while at work,authentic and sincere, so I'm not stuffy.
  • * I work with integrity with an all consuming passion to provide "Stand alone" images where I can't imagine doing anything less.
  • These days of digital imaging, our team work is more important than ever in serving your clients and providing them with the highest quality art.
  • A few things I like:
  • * I love beauty in nature, in art and in the heart
  • * I like fine art, athletes and cars in motion
  • * I like simple abstract environments
  • *I study Arnold Newman, Richard Avedon, Henri Cartier, Mann Ray, the Westons, Ernest Haas, Pete Turner and many more...
  • *I'd like breakfast to be 24/7: I enjoy good food and traveling to new places.