The World & Latin America

A study in abstracts of Latin America


Abstract Fine Art

Fine Art Abstracts are images that have been mostly created in camera found subject matter or some software manipulation to express my vision on how or what the objects would take on new shapes.

Paris Waiters; the old and young(3 of 7).jpg

Paris Rising - Yesterday or Today

Paris has some of the oldest restaurants in the world. See the workers, the clientele and the architectural interiors of the globe's oldest restaurants. The new can appear old in Paris.


Digital Universe- AI & Surveillance A New World

This is a look of how much has changed in our world over the last few decades & months. Since 1984 & the introduction of Apple computers, which has given the world personal computers and now others are showering us with AI products at people's digital fingertips. It's my view of abstract photography looking through pixelated images that depict the feeling of being under surveillance, possibly controlled & even disconnected from...


Yes, Chef! San Francisco's Oldest Restaurants & Cafes

This is from the series of "Oldest Restaurants in the World" in the region of San Francisco, California.

Immigrants are part of what makes "America, the land of opportunity", both in labor and contributions to the entrepreneur spirit of it's culture, thereby America in creating some the oldest businesses globally continues to contribute to some of the oldest cafes and strengthens core businesses globally.


NYCrestaurantsCafes (1 of 1)-38.jpg

New York, New York- America's Oldest Restaurants

Immigrants are part of what makes America; both in labor and contributions to the entrepreneur spirit of it's culture. Innovation, education, intellectual property and ingenuity is America's best assets, along with it's generations of immigrants who wish to move up in society and starting in labor intensive jobs.


Workday-Industrial & Corporate

Cinematic fine art photographs of the corporate workplace.


Asia Fine Art -color/b&w

Asian woman in red dress


Can You See?

Images of windows and structures reveal a cross