Paris Rising - Yesterday or Today

Paris has some of the oldest restaurants in the world. See the workers, the clientele and the architectural interiors of the globe's oldest restaurants. The new can appear old in Paris.

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Paris- Moments of Truth

Paolo is a fine art photographer based in San Francisco, California and travels wherever he is assigned to do the photographic assignment to make it come true.

Truth in imaging is a passion to give the true message. any subject or conceptual project can provide an image to penetrate or pursuade, but to attach truth is transparency. Though compositing art is not reality, we must ask of the story, what is the truth? Truth is needed in creation. Fine art can be a Truthful story when the moment is captured.

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Young & Old

Cooking food is the oldest of industries or maybe construction of shelters, but for now we'll say food, because we can't go without it. So, once the first community had an outdoor gathering with food, was it the first outdoor cafe?

Now, if we were to look at many cities today, say Paris. How would you see it's streets different and it's cafes?. Yes, there's a few new buildings here and there, but how much has a city changed if the cars and trucks didn't give it away to recognition of it's former self. Deep in the streets of a city away from the skylines and modern transport, is the truth revealed in the heart of thriving daily human activities that make it all so, familiar in yesterday and today.

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    How Long Ago Was A Boy Dancing:?

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    How Old Ago Was These Hats Worn?

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    Le Procop Restaurant (estb.-1686}

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    Le Procope restaurant

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    Cafe Le Procope (est. 1686)

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    Paris has some of the most experienced waiters in the world.

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    Cafe Le Procope ( est.-1686)

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    What If You Saw This 100 years ago?

Paris Rising

Immigrant workers in Paris restaurants as part of the labor force.

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Waiter's Dream

Paris is know for their restaurants & cafes as well as their waiters and chefs.